At Vera Pasta, we pay a lot of attention to the smallest details – something you might not expect for a food as simple as pasta. Here’s why: the quality and the care lavished on every ingredient at every step, turns what might have been an ordinary dish into an extraordinary eating experience.

Wholesale Pasta Options

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Choose from over 40 different bulk pasta products, made fresh to order, pre portioned and ready to cook in minutes.


Our professionally designed retail pasta packs are sold in cases of 12/1lb packages. The clear packaging design allows customers to see the quality of our handmade products.

Private Label Program

Looking for artisan dried pasta to add to your existing product line? Our comprehensive program will help you improve your brand awareness with the highest quality dried pasta on the market.


Start your own pasta stand farmers market business. Our roots stem from selling our pasta products at local farmers markets.

Our Fine Selection of Dried Pasta

What Our Customers Have to Say!

  • "Fresh artisan pasta made with attention to quality and consistency. We couldn't make it any better, so we leave it to the experts at Vera pasta."

    Nick CiaffoneOwner of From the Boot Restaurants
  • "Vera Pasta perfectly captures the dualities that make a dried pasta great. It is hearty and toothsome, yet light The flavor is distinctive and lush, but not overwhelming. Like the finest chocolate, it is both stimulating and comforting. It ranks amongst the best dried pastas I have ever tasted, and knowing that it is produced in West Chester makes me proud to represent it in our stores.”

    Hunter FikeMerchandiser for Di Bruno Bros