The Best Wine and Fresh Pasta Pairings

Meals made with fresh pasta are always delicious, but this deliciousness can be taken to a whole new level when paired with the right wine. Whether you are going with a hearty tomato sauce or a light creamy sauce, your wine selection can make all the difference.


Red Wine

Tomato and marinara sauce with fresh pasta is a popular dish, and pairs best with the equally popular Merlot. The full-body of this lush wine goes well with the rich, hearty tones found in the sauce. Chianti and Sangiovese also have similar characteristics to that of the Merlot, and would do just as well with the marinara sauce.

Meaty sauces layered on artisan dried pasta can pair well with dark, fruity red wines, such as Shiraz, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon. The sweetness in the meat is complemented by the fruitiness in the wine, but the dryness of the wine balances it all out, so that the meal is not too sweet overall.

The ever-popular dish, lasagna, made with fresh pasta, meaty sauce and cheese can be paired with the lighter red wines. Barbera is a tart, red wine that has a spicy undertone, which would go well with the cheese in the dish. Barolo is a sweeter, dry wine that would pair best with the meaty sauce.


White Wine

The best complement for artisanal dried pasta coated in a creamy sauce is a glass of sweet, white wine. White wines can vary from sweet to crisp, like a red wine. But a sweeter white wine like rielsling would work best with a sauce with cream or cheese. This is because the sweetness of the white cuts the creaminess and thickness of the sauce.

The crisper and drier white wines pair better with artisan dried pasta and light, herb-based sauces. The subtle bitterness of the wine is downplayed by the fresh herbs in the sauces, resulting in a light, earthy flavor. An example of this would be pasta with pesto and basil with a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Both Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay go well with fresh pasta and seafood. The lesser-known Viognier wine would go well with this dish too, as notes of lemon, apricot and ginger are brought out in the wine, marrying well with the flavors of the dish.


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