Artisan Dry Pasta
Simple, Slow, Wholesome

Vera Pasta’s assorted dry pasta line is created with the same artisanal, Italian-borne philosophy as our fresh pasta, but with the convenience and versatility that modern pasta appassionatos know, love and need.

Note about

Our dry artisan pasta can be purchased (per pound) at our store, as well as local farmers markets and specialty storefronts online.
Vera Pasta also supplies dry pasta for wholesale orders to a myriad of clients, including restaurants/hotels, grocery/specialty retail stores, online storefronts, private labels and farmers market vendors. If you’re interested in a gourmet pasta partnership, please contact us and we’ll provide you with current selections, samples and specifics for ordering.
  • Restaurant Orders We sell our dry wholesale pasta loose.
  • Retail Orders We sell our dry wholesale pasta in one-pound packages ready for retail/private labeling.

Where To Find Us

Currently, our fresh pastas can be purchased in Farmers’ Markets.The availability of flavours and types however are subject to change from week to week, depending on what ingredients are in season. We also supply wholesale pasta to restaurants and grocery stores.

If you are interested in our wholesale pasta, please feel free to contact us and we would gladly give you a list of current pasta flavours and types available for the week.

Contact Us

Fill out this form to inquire about our artisan dried pasta, and one of our artisan enthusiasts will get back to you as soon as possible.